ETA Policies

Expectations during classes:

- You must sign your child in to their class as you enter the building

- Children will behave in a polite way

- Children will listen and follow instructions of the coach at all times to remain safe

- No shoes can be worn on the mat

- Bouncers must wear appropriate clothing of sportswear and socks (leotards are encouraged and must be worn by competitive squad members)

- All food must be consumed upstairs

- Parents must remain upstairs and watch from the balcony (apart from tots classes and rebound therapy)

- Parents must not shout down and distract their children or throw anything off the balcony

- Children not partaking in classes must be supervised at all times

- Children must tell their coach when they are going to the toilet (they will always be allowed to go, we just need to know where they are)

- Children must stay downstairs for their session unless told otherwise by their coach

- Children must wait for their turn nicely

- No phones allowed downstairs by children

- If parents are taking pictures or video footage, please make sure it is only of their own child

If you see anything suspicious please report it to an ETA coach or our welfare officer Jenni Chapman at


When you sign up for classes you will pay for the classes you attend that month then set up a direct debit via Love Admin (payment taken by London & Zurich). Your monthly payment is then taken on the 25th of every month to pay for the next month's classes in advance.

Cancelling your classes:

If you are unable to attend a session please let us know. You have booked your space within that class only therefore you will be charged and the session will be lost. We cannot offer catch up session due to other classes being full and we do not exceed a participant ratio of 1:6 per trampoline. If a session has to be cancelled by ETA an alternative class will be rearranged for you to attend. If you wish to cancel your classes with ETA you must pay for the month you let us know i.e. if you let us know on the 15th, you must pay till the end of that month. If you wish to cancel after the 25th of the same month you will incur an £10 administration fee for your refund. Please do not cancel your direct debit and not tell ETA are stopping as we don't know if this is a bank problem or whether you do not wish to continue. You will still be charged for your monthly classes as you haven't let us know otherwise and we won't give up your class space to anyone else unless instructed to.

Complaints Procedure:

1) If you have a complaint about coaching or sessions please email your complaint to: and cc If you feel that it needs to be dealt with urgently, please speak with Head Coach Polly Johns but please bear in mind we are usually very busy coaching in the session.

2) If you have a complaint about the facilities and it is not urgent please contact or leave a note in the suggestion box. If it is urgent, please tell a member of ETA staff so we can fix the problem quickly.

3) If you have any problems with finances or administration please email or call 01392 366367 and we will get back to you as soon as possible to remedy the problem.